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We are resilient: 2021 San Diego Pride Celebration

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-14 13:40:29-04

Celebrating equality and fostering respect has been the mission of San Diego LGBT Pride for almost fifty years. ABC 10News Anchor, Virginia Cha spoke about this family friendly annual event with Fernando Lopez, Executive Director, San Diego Pride.

In a “normal” year, celebrations take place with the highlight being the PRIDE Parade starting at the Pride Flag on University winding through Hillcrest to end at Balboa Park where the festival takes place. There are typically more than 250,000 persons lining the 1.5 mile route supporting parade contingents as they march along.

How did you choose this year’s theme “RESILIENT”??

It is time for us to take a moment to pause and reflect on everything we’ve come through in the last year. Pride is a time to come together to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our community. We have survived…. We are resilient.

What is different about the celebration post-Covid?

We are teaming up with community partners and sponsors to produce and promote unique Pride celebrations with live streaming and limited-capacity Covid-compliant in-person events throughout San Diego. if public health guidance allows, capacity may increase as the date of each event approaches.

In San Diego, Pride isn’t just one weekend, is it?

In San Diego, PRIDE is year-round. Our organization and other LGBT serving organizations host community events, programs and fundraisers throughout the year that aim to further the mission of fostering equality and respect for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities locally.

How can our viewers watch or participate in PRIDE events?

Starting July 10th through July 18th we have She Fest, Light Up the Cathedral, the Spirit of Stonewall Rally culminating with Virtual Pride 5K, Pride Live and various community events.

Viewers can watch from the comfort of their home or check our website for more info.


ABC 10News is committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion. We appreciate the opportunity to support the community and residents we serve.