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SAY San Diego: a legacy of caring for San Diego youth and families

SAY San Diego is caring for San Diego youth
Posted at 9:01 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 00:01:54-04

Growing up is complex even under ideal circumstances, but when children and families face setbacks and other challenges, local non-profit Social Advocates for Youth or SAY San Diego has been working to create solutions.

Nancy Gannon-Hornberger, CEO SAY San Diego and longtime SAY San Diego board member, LaDreda Lewis spoke with ABC 10News Anchor, Jim Patton about the importance of their mission and what it means to San Diegans.

“For over 50 years, SAY has built a legacy of caring for San Diego youth and families, keeping educational, health, social and economic equity, and opportunity at the core of our work.” Explains Nancy Gannon-Hornberger.

“At SAY San Diego, we partner with schools, health care, city and county agencies, the military, the business community, and philanthropy to ensure that every child has what they need to be successful in school and in life. “


Youth development, delinquency prevention, substance abuse prevention and family support have been signature programs from the start. During the COVID-19 crisis, SAY has also stepped in to ensure that families have food on the table, safe and stable housing, and support for their children’s learning, among other urgent needs.


LaDreda Lewis says she sees the results from two vantage points. “As an educator, I have seen the value of SAY San Diego’s comprehensive approach to supporting the whole family and whole child in keeping with a range of things that they may need – rather than focusing on a single issue or need. “

“As a board member for nearly a dozen years, I am proud of SAY San Diego’s growth to address the evolving needs throughout the entire County, including free and affordable children’s mental health services, preschool, and early childhood development centers, and positive before and after school programs.”


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Founded in 1971 SAY San Diego has been making a difference for children, families, and communities for more than 46 years. SAY San Diego first opened its doors with one paid employee, a budget of $1,500, and the goal of providing prevention services to struggling youth. Since then, SAY San Dieog has evolved from a single focused organization to what we are today: an agency whose work encompasses over 30 programs strengthening the whole child, whole family, and whole community. SAY serves more than 50,000 San Diegans annually.