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Reading and writing are critical life skills for success

Posted at 4:00 AM, Jan 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-01 07:00:09-05

Illiteracy is a problem that can be solved because it is never too late or too early to learn. Through awareness and taking action, the challenge to read and write well enough to take care of everyday tasks can be overcome.

For nearly one-quarter of San Diegans who read at or below a basic level, the struggle with literacy skills is very real.

San Diego Council on Literacy unites the community to support through advocacy, partnerships, resources, and coordination. Jim Patton, ABC 10News Anchor spoke with Jose Cruz, CEO of San Diego Council on Literacy about the power of literacy and some important resources you can use.

“It’s crucial, and it’s important to functionality, for children so that they succeed in school and go into their chosen careers,” explained Jose Cruz, “it’s part of everything we do.”

Encouraging reading at home for children really starts with language. Cruz advises telling stories even if you don’t have books or if you do have books, read to your children every night. Reading is a fun thing to do; that learning should be celebrated, while for some beginning the journey it may not be, but it is never too late.

There are several touch points available for a person needing help. For instance, someone can walk into almost any library in the San Diego region and get access to adult literacy. Information on programs is available through San Diego County Libraries in El Cajon and Vista where literacy centers are located. And, you don’t have to know how to read to find assistance.

Jose Cruz also explains there are 30 programs affiliated with the San Diego Council on Literacy that serve residents of all ages at no cost. Here are just a few of them:

American Academy of Pediatrics, CA Chapter 3 Reach Out and Read San Diego Program

Reach Out and Read is an evidence-based program that promotes early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud.

Education Begins in the Home provides free books to families and students in the north county region of San Diego.

Words Alive connects toddlers, teens, and families with the power of reading by providing free resources.

Literacy is more than being able to read and write; it gives you and your family access to critical information while developing communication skills for life.

ABC 10News is committed to creating a better-informed world through education and literacy.