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How to Copy and Paste With a Keyboard Shortcut

To copy and paste text, files, folders, and other items on your computer, you don’t necessarily need a mouse or trackpad. You can use just the keyboard to copy and paste files around on your Windows or Mac machine. We’ll show…

Which Mouse Is Best for My Mac?

Is the Magic Mouse the best choice for Mac users, or should you spend your money on a third-party pointing device? And should MacBook owners bother “upgrading” from the Magic Trackpad on their device?

What Is a Universal Binary on Mac?

To ease the transition into Apple Silicon Macs, Apple allows developers to create a Universal Binary, which is an app file that can run on both older Intel and modern Apple Silicon Macs. We’ll explain what they are and how th…

How to Change the Screen Saver on Mac

If you’d like to add some personal graphical flair to your Mac—or prevent burn-in on an OLED, plasma, or CRT display—macOS lets you select from a number of attractive screen savers. Here’s how to set it up….

What Is Rosetta 2 on Mac?

If you have a Mac that uses Apple Silicon, you might have heard about Rosetta 2. It’s a critical part of macOS that enables compatibility with applications designed for Intel Macs. We’ll explain.

What Is a PLIST File?

If you’ve used a Mac or developed apps for iPhones or iPads, you’ve probably run across a PLIST file at some point. But what is it, and what does “PLIST” mean, anyway? We’ll explain.

Do You Need a Cleaner App for Your Mac?

If you’re looking for a one-click solution to delete junk files and potentially speed up macOS, you might be tempted to buy a cleaner app. So what exactly do these apps do, and are they worth your time and money?…

10 Hidden Mac Features You Should Be Using

Macs are well-known for being easy to use, but they also have a lot of great features hiding just below the surface that many people never notice. Whether you’re a Mac newbie or a Mac veteran, here are ten great features that…

How to Use Finder Tabs on Mac

On a Mac, Finder is the file management application that comes with every Mac. Thanks to tabs, you can keep multiple folders open in the same window, reducing clutter. Here’s how to use it.

5 Cool Things You Can Do With an Old Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is one of Apple’s most interesting products. The company doesn’t release new models often, but they still get great software support. If you have an old Mac Mini, there are some cool things to do with it….

TextEdit is Notepad for Mac But Better

If you’re switching to a Mac from Windows, you might be wondering: What is the equivalent of Notepad on a Mac? The answer is TextEdit, and it’s much better than Notepad. Here’s why.

Can You Exclude Folders From iCloud Sync on Mac?

Once you’ve turned on Desktop & Documents sync under iCloud settings on a Mac, your files will be available on other macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices provided you have the cloud storage available. But what if you don’t want…

How to Lock Your MacBook Keys for Cleaning

Laptops pick up dust, grease, and grime since they’re constantly in contact with your hands. But due to the way modern MacBooks are designed, cleaning them isn’t a simple case of turning the machine off….

M1 and M2 Macs Are Emulation Powerhouses

Whether you have an Apple Silicon Mac or are thinking of buying one, you should know that Apple’s new processors are great for emulation purposes. Whether it’s modern 3D consoles or 2D classics, the sheer quantity of native A…
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