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How to Fix the “iPhone Unavailable” Screen

You’ve pulled your iPhone out of your pocket only to be greeted with an error that says “iPhone unavailable” with seemingly no solution. So why does this “unavailable” lock screen appear, how do you fix it, and how can you av…

How to Use Stage Manager on iPad

Stage Manager is Apple’s multitasking feature introduced with iPadOS 16. It lets you use several apps at one time and group apps for specific tasks. To help you get started multitasking, here’s everything you need to know abo…

How Long Can You Keep Using an iPhone?

Gone are the days of meaningful yearly smartphone upgrades, a change that’s better for the planet and your wallet. Instead, the burning question has become one of longevity: how long can you keep your iPhone going before it’s…

How to Allow Pop-Ups on iPhone

Are pop-up windows not working on your iPhone? No worries—there’s an easy fix. Keep reading to learn how to allow websites to launch pop-up windows in Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

How to Silence Notifications on iPhone

Do you feel bombarded by iPhone notifications??If so, there’s a simple way to silence all of your notifications. Or, you can pick and choose the notifications you want to see and those you want to ignore. Keep reading to lea…

There Are Way Too Many iPads Now

Partly owing to a lack of serious competitors in the Android space, Apple reached the top of the tablet game with the iPad lineup. As we stand, though, there are way too many iPads on the market?— and users are confused….

How to Hook Your iPhone Up to Wired Ethernet

Very few circumstances would require you to connect your iPhone to Ethernet. However, connecting to Ethernet might be best if Wi-Fi isn’t available or if it’s unstable. All you need to make the connection is the correct adapt…

How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone

Real-Time Text is a standard accessibility feature on your iPhone. If you don’t need the feature, you can turn it off easily and prevent it from reappearing. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Restart an iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can fix all sorts of problems, such as software issues, strange iOS behavior, or unexplainable connectivity problems. We’ll show you how to restart your iPhone regardless of which model you have….

You Should Be Using Focus Mode on the iPhone

The iPhone is generally considered a “simple” smartphone to use, but it has become?packed with features over the years. “Focus” is one feature that is particularly jam-packed with powerful tools. We’ll show you why it’s wort…

How to Search Your iPhone Photos Like a Pro

Finding that favorite photo you took can be frustrating when you have thousands to sift through. Luckily, there are plenty of useful tricks for searching and filtering your media, including photos, videos, imports, and more. …
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